Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

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I am a deep thinking artsy entrepreneur living my life disguised as a corporate business woman.  My career in accounting has been super good to me and I appreciate the sense of security the left side of my brain has afforded me.  This right side though!!!  She has never been content to sit quietly in the corner.  I affectionately call her “Baby”.  I have a special bond with those of you old enough to understand this statement.  Patrick Swayze coined the phrase “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” in the iconic movie Dirty Dancing.  Determined to embrace my passion for fashion I forged ahead and opened Serendipity by Kei in Enterprise Alabama.  I am passionate about this business.  My vision has never been centered on a certain demographic.  It has always been about a culture ~ one of self-discovery, originality and love for fashion.  Never discount any gift God has given you…. Use it!!  It isn’t bubbling in your soul for no reason.  Kei

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