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Today is a new day.  Actually everyday is an opportunity to change the path we are on.  For 16 years now I've battled a chronic condition.  It isn't life threatening but it does keep me chained to anxiety because I fear I will never feel good again.  I fear I cannot get better and I will spend the rest of my life bound by this condition that just makes me feel bad most of the time.  It drives my anxiety to unimaginable heights.  I've sought healing in every direction from western medicine to alternative therapy but until recently I never really committed to my FAITH.  I would claim it but my actions never reflected the true light that comes with letting go and letting God truly work in my life.  I am a control freak.  I feel everyone's energy and absorb it like a sponge.  I wrestle with their problems and exhaust every ounce of energy I have for myself.  Then I beat myself up because I couldn't do more.  I am an approval junkie.  I need unconditional love and in my subconscious I feel the only way to that is to earn it.  JESUS, my behavior is so far away from my belief that it makes me cringe to think about where I am as to where I professed to be.  I AM LOVED.  I AM ENOUGH.  GOD IS IN CONTROL AND I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ME.  My path to healing has always been right in front of me.  I just kept getting in my way because I was trying to earn something that was given to me freely on a cross.  My commitment to myself is to find a LOVE for myself that will overcome.  My commitment to myself is to put teeth into my FAITH and hold it as tight as I can.  My commitment to myself it to believe in my gifts and to trust God's plan for me.  I will not allow Satan to steal my joy by telling me I do not measure up and I do not deserve God's love. I already know that and I know that it is not about what I deserve.  It is about GRACE and GRACE is sufficient.

Happy Monday.  May you find your FAITH not your FEAR.  May this message pour into you something more than you'd expected.  You know Serendipity is finding something good and magical in places where you didn't expect it.  


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